Olio Pride, a party between free love and good food


From June 22nd to July 1st, Milan dyed the colors of the rainbow: events, concerts, screenings and discussions with politicians and writers to celebrate LGBT pride. A solidarity event, participatory and fully inclusive, open to everyone and to all ages, a party in favor of absolute freedom organized with the help of institutions, from CIG Arcigay Milan to the associations of Coordinamento Arcobaleno.

Olio - Cucina Fresca, as well as many other restaurants in the heart of Milan, participated in this initiative by organizing June 28 Olio Pride, a day starring food and love. The chef Michele Cobuzzi, in honor of this love so great and different, has created a dish based on rabbit and prawns to enhance the contrasts and unusual combinations between flavors and presented it in a room set up for the occasion with the Rainbow jars of the event partner Frantoio Muraglia. Salumificio Santoro has thought of the little ones with its bread, oil and capocollo, a simple and healthy snack.

The kitchen for the occasion joined the art. In fact, during the evening between a dish of the chef and a slice of bread with capocollo, the Calabrian artist Tanio Liotta presented his unpublished work that represents a hymn to life, the unique and special being of every man from birth, a set of peculiarities that together with those of other men create a formidable baggage of emotions and experiences. A very important day, a big party open to everyone to celebrate free love with a single belief behind: love makes no difference, it has never done and never will. We should learn from love and do not try to direct it because it would not be right, not even healthy.


byOlio Ristorante

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