Our history

Angelo Fusillo

Oil – Cucina Fresca comes from Love and from its infinite forms

Angelo and Paola, both professionals in the legal and marketing fields, start their love story and decide to celebrate each month spent together devoting a dinner in the best restaurants in Milan. Without even realizing it, they start traveling around Europe in search of the best dish and the best culinary memory to keep it together.

Paola Totaro

Changing Life To Chase A Dream!

The kitchen becomes an important part of their life, so much to take them elsewhere: Angelo and Paola decide to abandon their professions to devote themselves to a new project, fruit of their love and their long-term research, a restaurant. Not just a restaurant, but a place that reflects their origins in the best way, that speaks of Puglia and its unmistakable flavors.

They understand that the only common thread, or rather gold, able to bind flavors, dishes and hearts and to think of Puglia is the olive oil, therefore they decide to enhance it, making it the undisputed protagonist of a whole new kitchen, capable of linking tradition and raw materials to tight knits with a desire for fresh experimentation and daughter of their travels.

Oil, the emulsion of a changing historical cuisine